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General Assembly OIDFA 2018


From now on it is possible to register.

Registrationform Click here to download the registrationform.

RegistrationformClick here to download the registrationform.

Fill it in, save it and send it by e-mail.
The registrationform must be send in before 15th February 2018.
Registrationforms received after 15th february 2018 will be surcharged.


The General Assembly 2018 of OIDFA will be in The Netherlands.
The event has the name: " 18th OIDFA General Assembly & Lace Event - We love LACE" or in French: " 18ème OIDFA Assemblée Générale d´OIDFA et Manifestation de la dentelle - Nous Aimons la DENTELLE".
The event will be held in Zaandam; by train only in 18 minutes from Schiphol-Airport and 12 minutes from the centre of Amsterdam.
Train tickets can be purchased at the airport at the entrance to the station, however there cannot be cash paid. You must pay with a bankcard or creditcard with a chip and with a 4-digit personel code. A card with only a magnetic strip is not sufficient.
The event is from august 06th until august 11th 2018.
The program consists of courses, excursions, the AC-meetings, the General Assembly, OIDFA dinner, exhibitions and a lace-market with small workshops.
For more information please send an e-mail to welovelace@oidfanederland.nl .

Tourist information

For the Lace event 2018, Dutch Tourism is the official supplier for your hotel, your excursion, your dinner and your transport.
Dutch Tourism is the organization which can arrange everything you need for the above elements.
The OIDFA works together with Dutch Tourism and that is why they offer good conditions and good prices for you.
You can visit their website, www.dutchtourism.nl/oidfa-uk, to see what they offer and to book the thing you want to.
If you have any questions or your need some help with something, you can always contact them by sending an e-mail to info@dutchtourism.nl or by calling +3185 - 444 4950.
Furthermore, they would like to receive some information from you to make your trip to Zaandam unforgettable.
With the information they can create the excursions that you like.
Please send the following information to info@dutchtourism.nl and help them to make your trip memorable:
Your name
With who do you come? Men, children, friends, family or others?
When do you come to the Zaanstreek and the Lace event?
What are your interests? History, culture, gastronomy, sports, art, nature or something else?
Please let Dutch Tourism know who you are and what your interests are by sending them the e-mail.
Thank you in advance and we will see you in august 2018!