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    Tour Operator in the Region & Official Supplier for
     18th OIDFA General Assembly And Lace Event "We Love LACE"

Book your room

Dear OIDFA member,

Book your room now. In Zaandam there are approximetly 50 hotelrooms available all over the city, because a lot of members allready have booked.

When you booked, we need your information.

We are asking you to help yourself, us and Dutch Tourism with the organization of the Lace Event 2018 in Zaandam.
For the developing of the program, the excursions and the OIDFA dinner we need your information.

Can you please send us:
Your name
Name of hotel
Number of rooms
Check-in and check-out date
Number of nights
Number of persons
Composition (men, women, children)
Please send it to info@dutchtourism.nl.

With this information you will also help yourself! Because we can create an unforgettable stay for you in Zaandam.

Thank you a lot in advance!

Yours sincerely,