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Competition on the occasion of the General Assembly OIDFA 2018.

The jury :

The jury is now known.
The jury will consist of the following 3 members:
• Nel Butter, lace teacher and designer of contemporary lace.
• Rosalie Sloof, art historian and until recently president of the Costume Association.
• Ad Timmermans, connoisseur of old lace and advisor to museum Boijmans in the inventory of the lace collection.

Theme: Water - Land.

Windmills, dikes, polders, ditches and channels; for nearly thousand years the Dutch built all these artworks to keep their feet dry.
The majority of their country is situated below sea-level and the battle against the water will be a never ending story.
The effort to defend land against water or over flooding rivers is a worldwide challenge.
Think about for example; Venice, Bangladesh and New Orleans.
However this merging between water and land determines also the beauty of the landscape.

For our competition we would like to invite you to use the elements "water" and "land" in their sweet encounter and tough confrontation as a starting point for your lace design.
Surprise us with your vision to this topic, which becomes due to the climate change more and more important.

The exhibit should be an original design in bobbin lace, needle lace or a combination of both.
Maximum dimension of the packed lacework 100 x 50 x 50 cm.
example example

Competition rules :

The competition is open to all lacemakers, except members of the Executive Committee, the organising committee of the Lace Event 2018 and the organising committee of the General Assembly 2018.
The lace must be designed and worked by the participants.
The lace will remain the property of the maker.
The lace must be original and may not have previously been published or submitted in competition.
The design must be worked in bobbin or needle lace or a combination of both.
One persen may send in more than one piece of lace.
A group may sent in a piece of lace, which they made together.
Maximum dimension of the packed lacework 100 x 50 x50 cm.
If framed no glass is to be used.
Participation in the competition gives OIDFA the right to publish the design.
The lace will be judged by an impartial jury who will give consideration to the originality, design and workmanship.
The judges' decision is final.
Prizes will be awarded:
1st prize € 500
2nd prize € 300
3rd prize € 200
Groups: € 500 + certificates.
Young lacemakers under 20 years: 1x € 100 + certificates

Registration :

The registration deadline for the competition has expired.
There can no longer be registered for the contest.
There are more than 50 inscriptions.

Sending the lace :

The lace for the competition should be sent between 1st June and 30st June 2018 to:
Tony de Kaper-van Aalst,
Address data are on the entry form.

All entries should reach the Committee between 1st June and 30st June 2018 to be eligible for entry.
All mailing cost are to be paid by the participant.
The participant pays carriage and insurance costs during transportation.
A representative colour photograph of the lace must be included for identification purposes.
Name and address of the participant must be clearly indicated on the photograph of the lace.
This photograph should also bear the title of the lace, display indications (e.g. "up" or "portrait", or "landscape") and should be placed in an envelope and enclosed with the lace.

Collection of the lace :

The lace should be collected between 17.00 to 18.00 hours on Saturday 11th August 2018 after the closing of the Lace Event, by showing an identity document and a photograph similar to the one used for identification purposes.
A nominated person can collect on your behalf with the correct documents.
Lace that has not been collected at the end of the Lace Event, will be send back at the participants expense.